Entry #1

Hello Everyone! a new Animator here!

2016-10-24 10:32:12 by Vibra859

Hello everyone! i am Vibra, an animator from Hyun's Dojo, i started animating in 2015 but im not an advanced animator but not a beginner aswell! i joined newgrounds to share my work with others and make new friends, i hope you enjoy my content!


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2016-10-25 11:04:48

Hey there Vibra859, and welcome to the site! Seen some pretty awesome collabs from Hyun's Dojo over the years, but not much solo work I think. Looking forward to some fancy fights!

Vibra859 responds:

Thank you! i kinda like NG, so il stay active...


2016-10-27 10:00:15

Welcome to NG!

Vibra859 responds: